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№1 -

When I look at the things exposed on the free tour pages of Celebrity F, I understand that porn fakes just don’t get better than this. These pics that you will see here are real artworks - and they are so much hotter than the blurred leaked homemade sex videos and shit like that.
The lineup of celebs that you will see getting fucked raw on the pages of this site is even more than just impressing - there are all of them Hollywood stars from super-famous bad girls like Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian to totally innocent ones like Emma Watson. I also like the fact that the owners of Celebrity F are keeping their site up to date - there are such fresh starlets as Hayley Williams, Emmy Rossum and the like exposed here. By the way, the site gets updated once in every three days - not that bad for such a special XXX collection, is it?
Guess how many fake celeb porn galleries this site can offer to you.
100? 200? 300? Come on, be more demanding! Celebrity F has got over 400 scenes at its disposal at the moment, each being 100% exclusive and so skillfully forged you won’t tell the pics comprising it from real photos!

№ 2 Drawn Sex

Drawn Sex is a rare type of porn site that shows model care for its customers - according to what is stated on its front page, every single scene that it offers is drawn on demand. If you want to provide some food for the artists’ thought, you just join in and send all your suggestions to the administration - soon to be rewarded for your input with a custom-drawn famous toon porn scene. Well, as long as your idea really is good enough. :) But the opportunity to contribute to the development of the site is far not everything that you get at Drawn Sex. This site is one of the oldest and the biggest in toon porn parody biz - it’s been online since 2003 and its regular updates made its collection totally enormous. It’s nearing 1,000 pic scenes at the moment, each of them 100% exclusive and just sizzling hot. And it’s not gonna stop there obviously - new updates are still getting posted on its pages several times a week. Even though the collection of Drawn Sex is so huge by itself, it’s still not everything you will get here. 20 more bonus toon porn sites…     How does that sound?

№ 3 - Toon Party

Toon Party is a porn site with a twist, no doubt. What you will see here is plain famous cartoon fucking though with one little peculiarity - each toon character that you will see coming loose here is totally wasted. They drink, they party, they get it on with each other (most usually you will see characters from totally different toons throwing groupies together) - they do everything that good party animals should do! Quite expectedly, Toon Party turns out to be a 100% exclusive resource. That comes off as no surprise for me cause the porn niche that it belongs to is just insanely narrow. As narrow as it can be! Who else could you expect to supply you with drunk toon orgy content?

Only Toon Party, that’s without a doubt. What is also really cool about Toon Party is the fact that this resource is sort of interactive. You can simply join it in, enjoy all of the scenes that it offers at the moment - and request a brand-new custom-made one from the resource’s artists. Any toon characters, any type of action (as long as it includes drunk and stoned participants) - you choose it, they do it! Perfectly simple, huh?

№ 4 - Tram Pararam

Tram Pararam is the nickname of a toon porn artist that is more than just famous among drawn sex art fans for his outstanding drawing skills and sky-high exciting potential of his works. And there is no exaggeration - once you see his XXX masterpieces depicting famous toon characters in action, you will fall for them instantly. What spices the whole thing up even more is the fact that Tram Pararam is a totally pansexual person. Here on the pages of his resource you will see stunningly diverse toon sex scenes ranging from fucking Smurfs to Peter Griffin dominated by his wifey or Homer Simpson tied up and whipped by some gay BDSM freak. Well, straight toon porn episodes are the most numerous here perhaps but… Those alt ones surely add some zest into Tram Pararam’s unique art. Tram Pararam is an outstandingly productive artist too. His collection of picture scenes currently comprises several hundreds of full-size galleries backed up by a bunch of classy animated toon porn videos. And don’t forget about that bonus offer that will allow you to enjoy an affiliated toon porn site called Cartoon Reality for 3 days in a row for free. It rocks too!

№ 5 - Famous Comics

Once you see Famous Comics, you are guaranteed to end up staring at the screen of your PC in disbelief. While you were just dreaming to see plain nip slip photos of your favorite celebs, the artists from this site have been creating tons of amazingly realistic artworks showing them Hollywood dwellers fucking like there’s no tomorrow! Okay, the images offered by Famous Comics are just artworks - though artworks that look so good it’s close to impossible to tell them from real photos sometimes. Are you ready to see Gisele Bundchen standing in front of you naked with her ass open, see Angelina Jolie getting gangbanged or Emma Watson waving the last goodbye to her virginity in the course of an insane fuck? Famous Comics has got it all and even more in its 400+ full-size picture galleries. Impressed by the size of this resource? 400+ scenes sound tempting? Well, I wonder what you are going to say when you hear that Famous Comics is still growing rapidly! A brand-new update once in every 5 days… that’s not bad at all!

Plus, there is that bonus site called Celebrity F that you will be able to enter for free. Terrific!Famous Comics

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Posted on June 4, 2012

Owen and I just checked out some of the samlpe pages for the new Toon Books- he likes them. I thought they might be too simple- Owen’s been reading fluently for awhile now- but as usual, what do I know??Just like with audio-books, something I though my visual learner would eschew..we exhausted the library’s offerings in a few months. I have to keep reminding myself that I am merely a passenger on this ride;)

Posted on September 2, 2013

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Posted on November 19, 2014

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Posted on October 18, 2015

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